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The Behemoth Behind Bitcoin Mining

Cryptocurrencies... there are over 1,500 of them with names like tattoocoin, potcoin, anarchistprime, and bitcoin. Ridiculous names aside, the mining of these phantom currencies is resulting in a meteoric rise in energy consumption. There is a direct proportion between the number of coins mined and the amount of energy required to mine them. In fact, the way things are coded, energy-per-coin ratios will increase as more coins are mined. If cryptocurrencies don't crash and burn, the electrical grid will.

Evidence for Hadean Eon Life?

The earliest life appeared on Earth is unknown, but there exists direct evidence of life having existed nearly 3.5 billion years ago. New evidence may prove life existed much earlier than that. If so, then could have major implications for how life evolves... not just here on Earth, but across the universe.