Does Elon Musk Embody First Principles Reasoning?

A recent article made the claim that no one embodies first-principles reasoning better than Elon Musk. Reasoning from first principles tackles problems by breaking them down into their fundamental parts science presumes are true, then building up to a solution from there. I disagree with the hyperbolic article, and this blog posts explains why.

To Mars or Bust - Weakened Immune Systems

For all the hype surrounding crewed missions to Mars, and blind technological optimism that we already have all the tech we need to get people there and back safely; the reality is, we’re not ready yet. Reusable rockets, faster travel times, ISRU propellant.. it’s all wheel spinning if we can’t actually protect the crew en route, and back. The most important vessel is the human body; and it evolved on this planet, not in the extraordinarily hostile environments beyond our protective magnetic field (of which no human has ever been). Expect SpaceX (or whoever) will be going to Mars in 2024? Don’t count on it.

The Tragic Life of Ankhesenpaaten

If you think Tutankhaten’s life was challenging and tragic, then I invite you to read of just how challenging and tragic the life of his half-sister/wife was. Ankhesenpaaten is arguably one of ancient history’s most courageous women, and deserves our attention.

To Mars or Bust - Water on the Red Planet

Absolute language when it comes to claims of an ancient ocean on Mars are made outside the spirit of science. Mars is a fascinating planet that hosts reservoirs of frozen, and possibly subsurface liquid water at times, and has the ingredients to have hosted, and continue to host single-celled sub-surface lifeforms. This blog aims to provide a more honest account of what we know so far of Mars’ water (past and present), and hopes to expose the dishonesty of absolute language when it comes to making extraordinary claims about Mars’ deep past. The public deserves to know what the science is showing us, not what some scientists want to show us through the rose-colored lens of partial-truths. Especially given the fact, that much of the science being done on Mars is funded by the public.