This is exclusive footage of the Acropolis up close; beyond the tourist guard rails. My friends in Greece, now include folks that work at the Acropolis as archeologists, stone workers, and more!

The footage is a bit choppy at times, but that’s because I rarely looked to verify what I was filming, prefering instead to look with my own eyes! But, I hope it’s watchable enough for those interested in seeing the Propylaea, & Temple Athena Nike up very close and personal!

There’s even a surprise that even I didn’t expect towards the end… a trip beneath the temple Athena Nike to older Mycenaean ruins; including seeing and touching the original base to the statue of Athena (pre-Greek Athena). Also, a sacrificial altar with bloodletting groove cut into the floor.

I was going to add additional footage of the rest of the Acropolis, but plan to save that for a separate video since it was all filmed in areas where tourists are allowed. This footage is soley of areas off limits to tourists.

I am incredibly grateful to my friends in Greece for making this experience a reality for me! I hope you’ll enjoy the parts of the Acropolis not everyone gets to see: