The ancient site of Troezen, where Aegeus came to seek advice from his friend, regarding what to do about his apparent infertility. Through a tragic series of events, Pittheus’ daughter gave birth to Theseus; a son of Poseidon, but believed by Aegeus to be his own.

Troezen is also the site near where Hippolytus, son of Theseus & the Amazon, Hippolyta, is slaughtered from atop his chariot by a bull that rose from the sea. Hippolytus’ birth, & death, bookmark yet another tragic story tied to this site.

Spending the day at Troezen remains one of the highlights of all my travels over the decades. The following is a short compilation of clips I took with my cell phone while at the site. As was the case on the island of Aegina, it appears ancient temples were desecrated by later Byzantine priests, who used temple stones to build their churches.