Nosce te ipsum; know thyself. It’s a oft-quoted aphorism that finds its roots in Delphi. Gnothi seauton was one of the 147 Delphic Maxims. Even Socrates is said to have learned this pithy phrase when he was at Delphi.

Delphi was the navel of the world, or as the ancients believed, the omphalos of Gaia. Both the famous, and infamous came from all over the ancient world to seek Oracular foresight. Alexander of Macedon, his father, Philip II, the Tyrants Cleisthenes of Sikyon, and Hieron of Syracuse (both of whom raced chariots at Delphi’s stadium), Lycurgus of Sparta… these are just a handful of people who visited journeyed to Delphi.

The following video contains some clips I shot both while driving (shhh) to, and while at Delphi. The music on the radio early in the video is some old Cretan folk music. Next, is music by my friends from Loxandra Ensemble (who mentioned me in their latest album btw!). Towards the end of the video, I used a piece by the talented Michael Levy.