According to the most well-known myth, Corinth was founded by a descendant of Helios, named Corinthos. But it’s ancient name was Ephyra; named after the Titan Oceanus’ daughter (Ephyra). The oldest myths say she is the true founder. Leave it to orators of Hellenized ancient myths to write out the women of pre-Greek mythology. Something my historical-mythological-fiction stories (written under pen name) attempt to remedy.

Corinth, or Ephyra if you wish, was at times a major center of trade. The agora had shops running down its center during its heyday. Many of the ruins you see in the video below date to Roman times, but the site itself had been occupied for thousands of years before either the Romans or Greeks.

The following is a short video of footage I captured while visiting the site. I didn’t film everything, as filming bogs down on the experience of being there, but I did manage to get some (hopefully) decent footage to share with… whoever: